Studio Julian Breinersdorfer

Studio Julian Breinersdorfer is an architectural practice located in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

In many cases our work involves the refurbishment of urban ruins, other times we create new buildings, and often our projects are a mixture of both. We approach architecture in a manner that is functional yet rigorously tied to an understanding of the applied processes of building. Fascinated by geometric and material relationships mediated through methods of construction old and new, we are constantly exploring new approaches to producing architecture which is not only sensitive to its context but that also offers something more.

We believe that collaboration is the best way to get things done and we work with a large network of architects, engineers and consultants.

Julian Breinersdorfer

After having learned from and worked for Dame Zaha Hadid in London, Julian opened Julian Breinersdorfer Architektur in Berlin. He has since been focussing on refurbishing and reprogramming historic building complexes, mostly for tech-industry and start-up clients.

Gareth Hammond

With a background in Biology, he is interested in exploring technical processes within the enviornment, built and otherwise. Gareth received his Masters Degree in Architecure from the University of Toronto and moved to Berlin after working at several offices in Toronto. He has held research fellowships at the Key State Institue for Zoology in Beijing and the Canadian Centre for Architecture.