Fehmarn  - Open competition

project team:  Manon Courdier

Structural Engineer: Volker Link, Landscape Architeture: Elise Hunchuck

A slender white ribbon, the loop infinitely extends into the sky and to the sea. Visitors first climb 277 steps while turning backwards towards the island, rest on the peak while being exposed to the sky, then descend another 277 steps while facing the sea. The pier ends open, without a railing, strongly focussing toward the horizon. To preserve a pure experience, the loop is devoid of any program. Pods are scattered around the shores of the island, encouraging visitors to wander. Some are hidden, some are obvious. All are prefabricated concrete spheres with simple openings that focus attention on particular elements of the environment of Fehmarn. Responding to this, the spheres rest on pole foundations and can be easily removed.

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