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süd 04.jpg

Südcasino Berlin
student housing

Project Team:
Martino Pacchetti
Eric Wolfgang Eisenhut

Factory Berlin

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fac 08.jpg

We are pleased to announce that the Factory Berlin will open on the 11th of June 2014.
The Campus will host companies like Soundcloud, Twitter and 6Wunderkinder.


Corentin Héraud
Eric Wolfgang Eisenhut
Sarina Giffhorn
Minho Park
Roma Gadomska-Miles
Martino Pacchetti
Cameron Halls
Roberta D'Alessandro

Photos: Martin Dobbeck

Factory Neubau Berlin

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nb 04.jpg

Factory Neubau
Status: Building Permit

Roberta d'Alessandro
Martino Pacchetti
Tom Wünschmann
Corentin Héraud
Sarina Giffhorn
Eric Wolfgang Eisenhut
Roma Gadomska Miles


Tempelhofer Ufer Berlin

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Tempelhofer Ufer Berlin Kreuzberg
Status: On Site

Cameron Halls
Rekha Barry
Roma Gadomska Miles
Eric Wolfgang Eisenhut
Minho Park

with Löscher & Böckmann Architekten


| Image 1 of 5 |

Amerikaplatz / Bebauungsstudie / 2011

Alice Regentrop,
Luis Beltrán del Río García,
Julian Breinersdorfer


| Image 1 of 10 |
AIRTOWER 01b.jpg

Airtower / Study on a building integrated Updraft Power Plant / 2011

Prof. Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, Potsdam Institut für Klimaforschung
Prof. Jörg Schlaich, Schlaich Bergermann und Partner
Pat Dallard, Arup UK

2 Häuser

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winter 01.jpg

2 Atelierhäuser / Klient: Christa & Conny Winter / Sillenbuch / 2010

Beach Pavillion

| Image 1 of 3 |
bexhill 01.jpg

Beach Pavillion / Bexhill-on-Sea / 2010
Team: Federico Rossi, Julian Breinersdorfer

Tower Study

hk tower.jpg

Tower Study / for Zaha Hadid Architects / 2009


bench .jpg

Bench / Study / 2010